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                                    A SUPER STUDENT Respects teachers & the systems of the school. Maintains proper school dress code/uniform all through the year. Has a sense of belonging / ownership. Is regular & punctual to the school. Values the purpose of being in the school. Monitors classroom cleanliness, arrangement of furniture, anddiscipline in the absence of the teacher.7. Focuses on teaching & learning processes. Participates in all the school functions/ activities/celebrations actively& wholeheartedly. Completes C.W & H.W upto date. Submits all assignments on time as per the teachers’ expectations. Maintains good health, personal hygiene & etiquette /manners. Communicates only in English in the school campus / in thebus / at home Spends time to read newspapers/good books. Practises handwriting in three languages everyday. Shows respect to elders and affection to the young.I, ______________________________have decided on________________ to wholeheartedly become a SuperStudent.RESOLUTION Signature 8
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