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                                      SCHOOL PRAYER SONG

                                          All things bright and beautiful,
                                          All creatures great and small,

                                          All things wise and wonderful,
                                          The Lord God made them all.

                                          Each little flower that opens,

                                          Each little bird that sings,
                                          He made their glowing colours,

                                          He made their tiny wings.
                                                  ( All things)

                                          He gave us eyes to see them,
                                          And lips that we might tell.

                                          How great is God Almighty,
                                          Who hath made all things well.

                                                  ( All things)
                                                        -Cecil Francis Alexander

                            SCHOOL PRAYER ( MORNING )

                   Oh! God | origin of all creation | Bless our minds | so that |
                   they move from darkness to light. Bless our thoughts | so

                   that | they rise from the common to the noble. Bless
                   our actions | so that | they lift the world from deprivation |

                   to eternal bliss.

                                         LUNCH PRAYER

                    O Lord, thank you for the food that you have given us this day.

                      Bless the food that it may enrich our body, soul and mind. We
                    ask all this in Your Precious Name.
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