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                                    MESSAGEMy Dear Student,I feel very happy and proud that you belong to this great institution and the “VIKASFamily”. We would like you to develop and blossom into maturity as a true Vikasiangentleman/ lady with strong moral character, clear personal goals and genuine concernfor others.The quality of a school depends on the quality of its students. The rules, regulations,traditions, uniform etc., are only a means to raise the quality of your life. At the sametime I would like to stress more on effective learning through self regulation. I hopeyour parents will go through this handbook of yours and follow the rules andregulations given in it from their part so as to ensure a happy school life for you.With the introduction of the new Remodeled Assessment Structure of the CBSE, weare geared up for its effective implementation. Parents started realizing lately thatthe concept of CBSE classes XI & XII curriculum will cater to the needs of students toface IIT-JEE, NEET etc. Therefore, adequate number of parents came forward andjoined their wards into class XI CBSE in science stream (MPC, BiPC, MBiPC) (PCM, PCB,PCMB) and commerce stream with Informatics Practices, Physical Education,Psychology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), entrepreneurship standard Maths and AppliedMaths (commerce streem) as elective subjects. With your cooperation and blessings,VIKAS had taken the extra edge by launching classes XI, XII (CBSE) in 2011, by anexperienced, dedicated and enthusiastic team of faculty members with a slogan“WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY THE MASTER APPEARS”.The HAP (High Achievers Programme) is to provide Right Curriculum to the RightStudent through the Right School like Vikas-The Concept School. The focus will beon encouraging students to apply the concepts learnt to real-life situations. Theprogramme will encourage school -goers to look beyond textbooks for learning. Thethirst of knowledge of HIGH ACHIEVERS can be met and fulfilled.5
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