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MESSAGE                                                                              distinctive edge over the rest of their peers.   The programme helps children prepare
                                                                                                                                              for various talent search exams like NTSE, NLSTSE, Science Olympiad, Mathematics
                                                                                                                                              Olympiad, Cyber Olympiad, SAT etc.

                                                                                                                                              A sound career needs a strong foundation.  Learning without distraction means total
                        My Dear Student,                                                                                                      dedication and complete  concentration.  VIKAS- Hostel provides all these and a homely
                                                                                                                                              atmosphere with personal attention.  When the students are being prepared for global
                        We feel very happy and proud that you belong to this great institution and the “VIKAS                                 challenges the education and curriculum too needs to be global. At VIKAS- Hostel,
                        Family”. We would like you to develop and blossom into maturity as a true Vikasian                                    there is a strong bond between the teacher and the taught emulating our ancient
                        gentleman/ lady with strong moral character, clear personal goals and genuine concern                                 Gurukul System.  Teachers are  true friends, philosophers and guides to the students.
                        for others.                                                                                                           Most of them reside in the campus and are available to guide the students at all times.
                                                                                                                                              The hostel has created an atmosphere where discipline becomes the  second nature
                        The quality of a school depends on the quality of its students. The rules, regulations,                               of the child.  On passing out from the VIKAS Hostel, the students blossom into self
                        traditions, uniform etc., are only a means to raise the quality of your life. At the same                             made, self confident and self motivated individuals  ready to take on the world.
                        time I would like to stress more on effective learning through self regulation. I hope
                        your parents will go through this handbook of yours and follow the rules and                                                              “VIKAS HOSTEL-A HOME AWAY FROM HOME”
                        regulations given in it from their part so as to ensure a happy school life for you.
                                                                                                                                                   OUR CONCEPT IS HOLISTIC EDUCATION
                        With the introduction of the new Remodeled Assessment Structure of the CBSE, we
                        are geared up for its effective implementation.  Parents started realizing lately that                                                THE ATTRIBUTE IS PASSION.....
                        the concept of CBSE +1 & +2 curriculum will  cater to the needs of students to face IIT-                                                     THE BENCHMARK IS PERFECTION.....
                        JEE, NEET etc. Therefore, adequate number of parents came forward and  joined their
                        wards into class XI CBSE in with MPC, Bi.PC, M.Bi.PC, Economics, Accountancy, Business                                                               THE DRIVING FORCE IS COMPETITION.....
                        Studies with Informatics Practices & Physical Education as elective subjects.  With                                                                    THE ENTERPRISE IS INNOVATION.....
                        their cooperation and blessings, VIKAS had taken the extra edge by launching CBSE
                        +1, +2 in 2011, by an experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic team of faculty members                                      I wish you a pleasant and effective learning experience in the school.
                        with a slogan “WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY THE MASTER APPEARS”.

                        The  HAP (High Achievers Programme) is to provide Right Curriculum to the Right
                        Student through the  Right School like Vikas-The Concept School.    The focus  will be                                                                                  S. SWARAJYA LAKSHMI
                        on encouraging students to apply the concepts learnt to real-life situations.  The                                                                                            Chairperson
                        programme will encourage school -goers to look beyond textbooks for learning.  The
                        thirst of knowledge of HIGH ACHIEVERS  can be met and fulfilled.

                        The HAP programme will not only help students understand better what is taught in
                        regular school classes but also groom  students by providing inputs on Reasoning
                        Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Creative/ Logical Thinking Skills which will give them a
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